Jan Rajlich Jr.

RY JAN RAJLICH JR. Jan Rajlich Jr. is a world-renowned designer, architect, and educator. He studied Architecture at the Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic. He also obtained a degree in Graphic Design from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. During his professional career he has worked in the Interior Design Area at the State Project Institute for Commerce. He was a professor at the Higher School of Art and Design in Brno. He was Head of the Department of Industrial Design. from the VUT Brno University of Technology (1994-2004). His work has traveled the main cities of the world: Brno, Emmerich, Fort Collins, Moscow, Olomouc, Osaka, Ostrava, Prague, Trnava, Vyskov, Warsaw, Vienna, Kharkov, Chaumont, Lahti, La Paz, Lille, Mexico, Moscow. , Ningbo, Ogaki, Osaka, Oostend, Paris, Quito, Rzeszow, Sharjah, Shenzhen, Sofia, Taipei, Tokyo, Trnava, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Zagreb, Zilina, among others. He is the author of many brands and logos. He created the visual style for the Brno Biennale (1980-1992), the orientation and pictography system for the BVV production buildings (1984), the JVS, and the Orgrez Brno design manual (1999). He was a member of the Organizing Committee of the International Design Biennale in Brno (Chairman of the Committee). He is currently president of the Brno Biennial Association. He is an international jury, he has been a member of multiple international juries: Biennale Golden Bee Moscow (1992, 1999), Zgraf Zagreb (1995), Biennale Rzeszów (1997), The 4th Block Kharkov (1997, 2003), Biennale Tehran (2007), Taiwan International Award Poster (2007), Taiwan International. Student competition (2008, 2013), Biennale Mexico (2008), Ecoposter Triennale Zilina (2000, 2002, 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014, 2017, 2020), Trnava Poster Triennale (2012), IPA – International Poster Exhibition Leipzig ( 2020)), among others. Jan Rajlich Jr. has been awarded several times, including: Applied Arts Award of the City of Brno 2001, Leipzig Democracy Poster Award 2018, Silver Medal 2018 from VUT Brno University of Technology, among others. He is an honorary member of the Masaryk Academy of Arts in Prague (1991) and of the International Society of Graphic Designers USA (1995).

Niklaus Troxler

Niklaus Troxler, is a world renowned designer, studied at the Lucerne School of Art (Switzerland). He was Art Director of the Hollenstein Création in Paris. His works are in the permanent collections such as in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum New York, the Hamburg Industrial Arts Museum, the Wilanow Poster Museum in Warsaw, the Ogaki Poster Museum, the German Poster Museum at Folkwang Essen, the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, the Staedelijk Museum in Amsterdam among others. He has been a professor at the State Academy of Art and Design in Stuttgart (Germany). Own Graphic design studio since 1973. He has been a member of AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale) since 1989. Troxler, has his own graphic design studio since 1973, is part of the golden generation of Swiss design. He is also passionate about jazz and was an organizer of jazz concerts and festivals in his country. Troxler has been awarded several times in the design sector: Vestag Cultural Prize (1977), Central Switzerland Cultural Prize (1982), Warsaw Poster Biennale, Brno Design Biennale, Festival de l’Affiche de Chaumont, the Toyama Poster Triennial, Mexico Poster Biennial, Lahti Poster Biennial, Helsinki Poster Biennial, Moscow Poster Biennial, Taiwan International Graphic Design Award, Ningbo Poster Biennial, International Triennial of Hong Kong Posters, Zgraf International Design Contest, Hangzhou Poster Biennale. As well as many awards from the Swiss Art Directors Club, New York Art Directors Club, Europe Art Directors Club, New York Type Directors Club, Tokyo Type Directors Club, Red Dot Communication, Annual European Design Awards, among others. His publications in the design sector include: The master of design (Page One Books, 2007). Design and designers (Pyramyd Book Nr. 054, 2007); Niklaus Troxler (ggg, World Graphic Design Nr. 80, 2007). Niklaus Troxler Posters – Jazz Blvd. (Lars Müller Publishers, 1999), Master and Students (China Youth Press, 2004); Willisau and all that jazz (Till Schaap, 2010)

Kye-Soo Myung

Kye-Soo Myun, is a world renowned designer, specialized in typography and identity design. He graduated with honors with Professor Myung-kwang Kwon, at Hong-ik University (Korea) He was an educator at the Seoul Institute of the Arts (Seoul Institute of the Arts), and later at Konkuk University. Later he was dean in the Faculty of Art and Design mentioned university. He is currently Professor Emeritus of Konkuk University He has been a visiting scholar at Syracuse University and Boston University (USA). His professional interests include not only typography, but also contemporary painting, graphics, and art media. He has been awarded the Gold Minister of the Korea Design Exhibition Awards, President of Education Award-Konkuk University and the Grand Prize of the Korean Font Contest (Font; Korean Bright-font) He is an international jury, he has been a member of the jury of the Korea Design Exhibition Awards on several occasions. He has been a jury of the International Biennial of Design Calanca Switzerland, 17th International Biennial of Theater Poster in Rzeszów, Wonders 2020-Borderless Graphic Designers Group / Canada, among others. He was president of the Visual Information Design Association of Korea (VIDAK). He is a member of the China International Design Educators Association (CIDEA) and a member of the Borderless Graphic Designers Group / Canada. He has been a member of the Choong-Ju City Advisory Committee, Member of the advisory committee of the Korea Design Promotion Institute. He is also a former vice president of the Federation of Design Associations, former director of the Korean Society for Design Studies, former vice president of the Korea Brand Design Association, among others..

Walter Sardonini

Walter Sardonini (Italy). After his classical studies, he continued his passion for painting and the visual arts. He has worked visual communication for many institutions and brands including: Unicoop Firenze, Italian Theater Organization (ETI), Ataf Route Network, among others. His graphic work ranges from the creation of posters, to the design of institutional logos, through the construction of complex orientation systems, the design of book series, to the preparation of exhibition events. It is worth remembering the graphics for the historic Teatro della Pergola in Florence, the institutional visual identity of the city of Florence, the representation of the pedestrian orientation systems and the city’s public transport. He also covers the biggest Italian publishers such as UTET, RCS Media Group and Mondadori. In 2000 he founded SocialDesign, a studio for architects and designers that develops professional and research activities in the field of design and communication, in the fields of public utility, the city, institutions, culture and information; as well as in the field of architectural and urban enrichment, the protection and enhancement of cultural heritage, with plans and projects aimed at the recovery of public spaces, urban fabrics, building design, exhibition spaces and museums. Walter Sardonini’s work is published in magazines, biennials and museums around the world. Part of his career and his works have been written by Arturo Carlo Quintavalle and Gillo Dorfles in the introductory essays to the volume Epoca 1945-1999, “Posters in Italy between the old century and the new millennium”, Protagon Editori Toscani. Siena, 1999 . Stefano Rolando, Citytelling, Egea, Milan, 2014; among other authors.

Marat Guelman

Marat Guelman (born Chisinau) — Russian collector, curator and publicist. Owner of the first private gallery in Russia from 1990 to 2012. From 2008 to 2013, he was the founder and director of the PERMM Museum of contemporary art in Perm, the first museum in Russia outside of Moscow and Saint Petersburg. During his tenure there was extensive coverage of the Cultural Revolution that has been praised for transforming the city from an industrial city to a prominent cultural center on the outskirts of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Since 2014, he has been implementing art residencies in Montenegro within the Dukley European Art Community, and since 2017, he has been holding the annual forum of Russian culture in Europe “Slovonovo”, co-founder of international schools of art and design Golden Bee Academy in Montenegro.

Elizabeth Resnick

Elizabeth Resnick is a Professor Emerita, former chair of Graphic Design and current part-time faculty at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, Massachusetts. She earned her B.F.A. and M.F.A. degrees in Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island. Elizabeth Resnick Design, an independent Boston design studio was in operation from 1973–1996. Clients included: Ciba Corning Diagnostics Corporation, Store 24, Animal Rescue League of Boston, AIGA Boston, Massachusetts College of Art, and other area schools plus many local non-profit cultural organizations. Professor Resnick is a passionate design curator who has organized seven comprehensive design exhibitions: Within/Without: The Art of Russell Mills with Teresa Flavin (1991); Dutch Graphic Design: 1918–1945 with Alston Purvis (1994); The Art of the Poster: Makoto Saito with Jan Kubasiewicz (1999); The Graphic Imperative: International Posters of Peace, Social Justice and The Environment 1965–2005 with Chaz Maviyane-Davies and Frank Baseman (2005); Graphic Intervention: 25 Years of International AIDS Awareness Posters 1985–2010 with Javier Cortés (2010); Graphic Advocacy: International Posters for the Digital Age: 2001–2012 (2012) and currently Women’s Rights Are Human Rights: International Posters on Gender-based Inequality, Violence and Discrimination (2016) which investigates gender-based inequalities deeply entrenched in every global society. Her publications include catalogs for the most of the exhibitions mentioned above plus The Social Design Reader, Bloomsbury Visual Arts (2019), Developing Citizen Designers, Bloomsbury Academic (2016), Design for Communication: Conceptual Graphic Design Basics, John Wiley & Sons Publishers (2003) and Graphic Design: A Problem-Solving Approach to Visual Communication, Prentice-Hall Publications”(1984). She has led poster workshops and lectured throughout the United States, Mexico, Ireland, Great Britain, China, South Korea, Iceland, Taiwan, Bolivia, Krakow and Warsaw. Her posters have been accepted at the Warsaw Poster Biennial and Mexican Poster Biennial and she frequently participates in International poster invitational exhibitions.

Cao Fang

Professor and doctoral supervisor of college of design, Nanjing university of art. Excellent young and middle aged backbone teachers of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education Person in charge of visual communication design of brand specialty in Universities of Jiangsu Province. International Graphic Design Alliance member of AGI;Member of China Artists Association;Vice president of Jiangsu Graphic Designers Association;Deputy director of Design Art Committee of Jiangsu Artists Association; Member of the National Education Commission of the people’s Republic of China. Edited the textbook of “character design” for the national plan of the 11th Five Year Plan of general higher education;“Complete works of Chinese modern design – Poster volume” (national key publishing planning book project of the 12th Five Year Plan) “and” complete works of Chinese contemporary design (full 20 volumes) won the book award of the fourth Chinese government publishing awards More than 50 papers have been published;The poster “no child left behind” won the silver medal in the 10th National Art Exhibition;The book design movable type series won the 2013 “China’s most beautiful book” award. Chinese poster design has won awards in international exhibitions, been introduced by professional journals, and collected by art museums and galleries at home and abroad; The studio team has completed dozens of visual image designs, which have been adopted by important organizations and activities . Active in the international graphic design community, design exchange activities. Has been invited to give academic reports at AgI annual meeting, and give special lectures at Kassel University, Aichi Prefecture University of Arts and Chinese Cultural Center in the Hague. She is an international jury. Judges of the 22nd Warsaw International Poster Biennale, “good 50 × 70” poster exhibition in Italy, “water is life” International College Students poster exhibition, Lahti Poster Triennial in Finland and “Peace International Poster Biennale”;others. Presided over dozens of graphic design workshops at home and abroad, effectively improving the international level of design teaching;plan the international character design exhibition of “Ziku” and the Chinese character art exhibition of the Chinese character Museum; Engaged in the design, research, teaching and exhibition activities of Chinese character art and has an important influence at home and abroad.

Ovidiu Hrin

Ovidiu Hrin is a multidisciplinary designer, typographer & Art Director working in Timisoara(Romania) and internationally. He has a vast experience in branding & designing of complex communication and information systems, for both cultural and corporate institutions. Ovidiu leads Synopsismedia, a versatile design studio he founded in 2001 and holds graphic design and communication lectures and workshops throughout the world. He is also the curator of the graphic design and illustration section of the Romanian Design Awards since 2016. He is actively involved in cultural and educational projects in Timisoara and Romania. In 2011 he launched Typopassage Timisoara, a design and typography micro-museum network. His work has been published in international design books and magazines, and presented by prestigious institutions: European Design Awards, Zgraf International Triennial, Golden Bee – Global Biennial of Graphic Design, Graphis Design Annual New York, Type Directors Club New York. A selection of his art posters is part of the permanent collection of the Museum fur Gestaltung in Zurich. Ovidiu is also a member of AIGA (The American Institute of Graphic Artists), TDC (Type Directors Club, New York) and Graphis International. Has been awarded several times, among his recognitions are : 2019: Type Directors Club – Certificate of Typographic Excellence (NY, USA); Graphis Poster Annual 2020, 1xGold, 2xSilver awarded posters (NY, USA) // Graphis Poster Annual, 1x Silver Medal (NY, USA) // 23rd Wilanow Poster Design Biennial, 2x posters in awards catalogue (PL); Golden Bee 10, Global Moskow Design Bienniale – Award, exhibitied and published in catalogue (Moskow, RU) // Zgraf 11 Triennial – Festival honorary mention (Zagreb, HR); 100 Beste Plakate finalist (DE); 2011: Graphis Poster Annual, 3x Gold (NY, USA); Graphis Design Annual, 1x Gold (NY, USA); European Design Awards, 2x Bronze; // 2008: European Design Awards, finalist; 2007: European Logo Design Awards, 2x awarded logos; exhibition (Zurich, Switzerland) // 2006: European Logo Design Awards, 3x awarded logos; among others. His works have been selected and published in various countries: Logo Now, Iulius Wiedemann (Taschen) UK // Fashion Identity, Pedro Guitton (Indexbook) ES // Invitation & Promotion (Linea Editorial) ES // Design and Design vol2, (IndexBook) FR & ES // Stereographics, Victionary, Hong Kong // 100 to watch catalogue (ICR) RO // Die Presse, Vienna, AT // Logo Masterclass 2 (Rockport Publishing) UK // Design and Design Book of the year vol4., (IndexBook) ES // Typography Sketchbooks, Steven Heller & Rita Talarico, (Thames & Hudson) USA // The Designers Republic, Bunch of Fives Book, UK // Logo Design 3, Julius Wiedemann (Taschen) DE // The Best Of Cover Design (Rockport Pub) UK // Selected B, Europe’s Best Graphic Designers (Index Book) SP; among others.

Finn Nygaard

Born in Denmark 1955 · Established Finn Nygaard Inc. in 1979. Finn Nygaard has created posters, illustrations, graphic design and corporate identity programmes and color consulting for Danish and international companies. He has created more than 800 posters, many of which he has received awards for. He has had several one-man shows with his designs, illustrations, posters, murals …… Throughout his career, Finn Nygaard has been a prolific creator of posters and prints. The results have been featured in exhibitions worldwide, his posters and design projects have been shown in major galleries and museums all over the world, and he has taken part in the most important international poster exhibitions since the 80’s and has been member of many international juries. One-man shows, at ao.: Modern Art Gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia, The Danish Poster Museum, Denmark, IdcN in Nagoya Japan “Visual Voice”, Galleri FinArte Nagoya Japan, National Museum in Poznan, Poland, Pallfy Palais in Bratislava, Slovakia, The Museum of Printing History in Houston Texas, Designmuseum Denmark (“Finn Nygaard With Friends”), Galleria Universidad Maristara, Querétaro Mexico, MUSEF, La Paz, Bolivia and Imam Ali Museum, Tehran, Iran. Several of his posters have found their way into permanent collections, ao.: The Merrill C. Berman Collection, New York – The Israel Museum, Jerusalem – Designmuseum Danmark, Copenhagen – Musée de la Publicité, Paris – St. Petersburg State Museum – Pecsi Gallery, Hungary – Lahti Poster Museum, Lahti Finland – National Museum Poznan, Poland. Finn Nygaard’s work has been the subject of numerous magazines, newspaper articles and books. Idea, Japan’s leading graphic art magazine – Graphis, USA – Print Magazine, USA – Novum, Germany – Who Is Who in Graphic Design – First Choice etc. From 1990 – 1995 he was partner of the Danish design group Eleven Danes and the European Designers Network EDEN. Finn Nygaard is a frequent guest lecturer to student and professional groups. He has given many poster workshops and lectures all over the world; a.o. Japan, China, Taiwan, India, Korea, the US, Mexico, Bolivia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He lives and has his studio and atelier at the Island of Mors in the Limfjord – northern part of Denmark. Finn Nygaard is a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale, AGI.

Lasko Dzurovski

Lasko Dzurovski is a graphic designer and typographer. Founder and owner of “Totem” design studio. Former member of the world typography organization Type Directors Club from New York. He is a designer author in “Rosetta Type Foundry” where he designs multi language fonts. As an author of “80” multi language fonts for the Government of Macedonia, and more than “200” published and unpublished fonts, he puts Macedonian Cyrillic on the world map. Your fonts are published on the world’s largest font portals including MyFonts and #Adobe Fonts. His fonts, Skola Sans and Skola Serif so far have more than 100,000 downloads. He is the organizer of “Typokitchen”, typographic workshop devoted to develop Macedonian Cyrillic fonts. He currently works with clients from America, Japan, Italy, Australia, France, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, the Dominican Republic and many more.