Carlos Gonzales

International Jury

Carlos Gonzales Ramirez born in Peru in 1936 . Is one of the pioneers of design in Peru. Plastic artist, graphic designer with 66 years of experience in Peru and abroad. In 1957, with the arrival of important worldwide advertising agencies in Peru, he joined McCann Ericsson Corp. – Lima, as a designer. Later he worked as Art Director for renowned agencies and studios of the time, among them Norlop (Quito Ecuador), Forum Publicidad (Lima, Peru). In 1967 he started as a professor of Graphic Design and founder of the Faculty of Visual Arts at the National University of Engineering (Peru). In 1984 he was professor and founder of the Graphic Design career at the Instituto Peruano de Publicidad (IPP). His painting, sculpture and graphic design works have been exhibited in several countries such as Argentina, United States, Ecuador among others. His works are also present in collections in the Museo de Arte de Lima, Museo del Banco de Reserva del Perú and in the Universidad Mayor de San Marcos, Dean of America. He has been awarded many times in Peru and abroad: 1959 First Prize Symbol “Peruvian Industry”// 1960 First Prize “Company of Comedies”// 1960 Honorable Mention “Poster Jockey Club of Peru”// 1960 First Prize “Victory Fair”// 1964 First and Second Prize “Congress of Architects” of the College of Architects of Peru// 1966 First Prize “Stamp of the Journalist”// 1967 Prize to the Tourist Poster, Milan – Italy// 1970 First Prize: “Monumento a San Martin y la Expedición Libertadora” – Paracas// 1983 First Prize “Símbolo Banco Mercantil”// 1985 First Prize “Afiche Antonio Ricardo” 400 Años de la Imprenta en el Perú //1990 First Prize: To the specialized book “El Pisco” – Paris// 1991 First Prize “Libro de la Arena” – Bogotá // 1991 First Prize Specialized Edition in the Iberoamerican Contest to the Hard Cover Book, Art and History – Buenos Aires// 1997 Prize “PADIS” for Memory “La Positiva”. //2003 “INDECOPI” Award for Professional Career// 2005 First Prize Sculpture IPAE. “Hochschild Award, 2005. During his career he has designed a series of posters, covers and books for important intellectuals of Peru and Latin America, among them: Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel Prize in Literature; Manuel Scorza, Alfredo Bryce, Victor Raul Haya de la Torre, Alfredo Bryce, Hernando de Soto, Victor Andres Belaunde, Maria Reiche. He has also worked on graphic projects for leading companies in Peru and the region, among them: Banco Central de Reserva (BCR), Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP), Banco Continental BBVA, Bolsa de Valores de Lima (BVL), Universidad del Pacifico (UP), Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP), Compañía Minera Millpo, Municipality of Lima, América Televisión, Panamericana Televisión, Unicef, Estudios Históricos Marítimos del Perú, Jockey Club del Perú. Welcome Carlos to the International Panel of Jurors

Armando Milani

International Jury

Born in Milan in 1940, Armando Milani is an internationally acclaimed Italian designer. After studying with Albe Steiner at the Società Umanitaria in Milan, then the most famous graphic design school in Italy. Armando collaborated with some of the most important Italian design studios such as Antonio Boggeri and Giulio Confalonieri. In 1970 he founded his studio in Milan, and in 1977 he moved to New York where, after a collaboration for two years with Massimo Vignelli he opened his own studio. During his career, he served prestigious clients including DePadova, Montecatini Edison, Roche, Touring Club of Italy, and the United Nations He is specialize in branding programs design of logos, corporate identity programs, book design and Humanitarian and Ecological posters. He taught and lectured at The Cooper Union and the Art Directors Club in New York, the Santo Domingo School of Design, the University of Beijing, the IED (European Institute of Design) and the Politecnico University in Milan. Armando Milani organizes seminars and workshops of graphic design in his Olive Mill in the south of France (Provence/Cote d’Azur). In 1965 he won an award for the logo RAI TV Radio TeleFortuna. In 1995 he won an award in New York from Major Giuliani, for the design of the poster “New York City Capital of the World”. In the 2000 he won an Italy award for the design of the poster“Promosedia” International Chairs Show and in the 2004 this poster won an award of «Compasso d’Oro» at the Triennale di Milano. In 2002 he designed the poster “War/Peace ” for the United Nations and in 2021 the poster for the European Parliament incorporating the values for a “European Future”. In 2017 he received a gold medal for his humanitarian posters from the University Anahuac in Mexico City. In the last years his works where selected 3 times by the ADI Design Index for the Compasso d’Oro. He published several books: “A double Life of 80 AGI designers” on creativity and sense of humour, “Fifty Poems of Ferlinghetti, Fifty Images of Milani”, “No Words Posters” of hundred AGI members (Alliance Graphique Internationale) and “Ubuntu Collection Posters” for Nelson Mandela. He is Member of AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale) and Honorary member of AIAP (the Italian Association of Communication Design) Welcome Armando to the International Panel of Jurors

Helmut Langer

International Jury

Sustainable (= responsible) conception and visual design for global communication Born Germany, 1945. Specialised in cultural, environmental, institutional, and social communications projects (logos, posters, campaigns, visual identities, etc.).Many global and multicultural communication projects of international signification, e.g. for several UN organisations including UNESCO, UNEP, UNFCCC; European Parliament, European Commission, World Resources Forum, and milestones for global networking. International visual competence, published worldwide and represented in major international design collections, exhibitions and publications. Many prizes and awards at international competitions. (1987-1993) President of the International Council of Design (ico-D), Icograda, the design world body, NGO. Juror at many international design competitions and award schemes. Speaker at international design conventions and visiting professor at various universities in many countries around the world, e.g. Nagoya University of Arts (NUA), Japan, Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) Beijing, China, National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, India, Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola Lima, Peru, Politecnico di Milano Design School, Italy.. Professor honoris causa mult: 2008 awarded by the Nagoya University of Arts in Japan – as the first German designer to receive such an honour from any Japanese University; 2011 Hebei University of Communication Shijiazhuang, China, 2018 awarded by the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola in Peru. Welcome Helmut to the International Panel of Jurors

Krzysztof Dydo

International Jury

Krzysztof Dydo born in Poland in 1945. Poster collector and owner private collection under the title Dydo Poster Collection. Poster interest and starting own poster collection since 1955 then numbering almost 30,000 titles. It includes both Polish and foreign posters. Has organised The Cracow Poster Festival (1999-2005) and many exhibitions. Since 1975 over a six hundred individual and group exhibition not only in Poland, but in almost every country in Europe as well as in Australia, New Zealand, Marocco, Turkey, China, Iran, Israel, Aserbajdjan, Canada, Mexico, Panama and the USA . Also edited catalogues known worldwide (100th Anniversary of Polish Poster Art, Krakow 1993, Polish Film Posters – 100th Anniversary of The Cinema in Poland, Krakow 1996, etc.), books (Masters of Polish Poster Art, Buffi 1995, Posters, Bosz 2001, PL21 Polish Poster of the 21st Century, Galeria Plakatu Kraków 2008, All that music – Polish music posters 1899-2012, Filharmonia Śląska Katowice). Has authored several articles on posters in Projekt, Design, 2+3D, Profile and other publications. Juror of several national and international poster competitions. Critic of art. His Poster Gallery, founded in 1985 in Krakow, is the first gallery in Poland which deals exclusively in posters. Regular collaborators with the Dydo Poster Collection are such notable Krakow artists also from Katowice, Warsaw, Gdańsk, Poznań artists and from other environments as well as very promising young artists . Dydo Poster Collection cooperates with cultural instututions, theaters, cinemas, museums, and galleries as well as with poster artists and poster collectors all around the world. During his career, he has held various positions: Antiquarian, Poster Specialist in State Art and Antiquity Company “DESA” since 1983//Director of the Art Gallery Forum and vice director of the Youth Cultural Agency and in Krakow (1986-1992) //Owner of Cracow Poster Gallery 1985 //President of the International Culture Exchange Association since 1995 //President of the Association Ogrody Sztuki (Art gardens) since 2005. Welcome Krzysztof to the International Panel of Jurors !

Istvan Orosz

International Jury

Born 1951, Hungarian graphic artist, illustrator, poster designer, and an animated film maker. He was trained as a graphic designer at the University of Arts and Design in Budapest. After graduation in 1975 he began to deal with theatre as a stage designer and animated film. Later when poster came to the center of his interest also made mainly theatre, movie and exhibition posters. Under the influence of Eastern-European pro-democratic movement he drew some political posters as well. His individual graphic works of art are often related to postmodernism by archaic forms, art historical references, stylistic quotations and playful self-reflection. Themes of the natural sciences, especially of geometry and optics appear in most of his works. He is also concerned with the theories of vision and sight such as the way the beholder’s hypothetical expectations influence the visual and empirical perception of spatial constructions. He is likely to experiment with the extremes, paradoxes of the representation of the perspective to create the illusion of space. Also he does experiements to renew the techniques of anamorphosis when he distorts the pictures in such a way that it can only be seen from a particular aspect or in such a way that its new layer of meaning only reveals by the interposition of reflective surfaces. Orosz is a regular participant in international art exhibitions, poster biennials, symposiums and filmfestivals. Film director at the Pannonia Film Studio in Budapest, professor at University of West Hungary in Sopron, co-founder of D.O.P.P. designer society, and Hungarian Poster Association. He was elected to the Alliance Graphique Internationale and the Hungarian Academy of Arts and Letters. He has been awarded many times including: 1990 Gold Medal at the Biennial of Graphic Design, Brno / 1991 First Prize at the International Poster Biennial, Lahti / 1991 Main Prize of “Mediawave” Film Festival, Győr / 1994 Icograda-prize at the International Poster Show, Chaumont / 2000 Creative Distinction Award of European Design Annual, Dublin / 2001 Gold medal at the Annual Exhibition of Society of Illustrators, New York City/ 2007 Pro Ludo Ring, Budapest / 2007 Plakat Kunst Hof Ruettenscheid Prize, Essen / 2011 Kossuth Award, Budapest Utisz (pronounced: Outis, means ‘Nobody’), his pseudonym is used since 1984 and it was also Odyssey’s feigned name in the well-known affair with the Cyclops that ended in the blinding of the monster’s only eye. According to Orosz’s symbolic and ironic name, his art is a kind of attack on the eye. Welcome Istvan to the International Panel of Jurors View More:

Serge Serov

International Jury

Serge Serov is design provider, curator, art historian, art critic, editor, educator, art director and graphic designer. Born 1952, Graduated from Moscow Institute of Telecommunications and St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Fine Arts, Sculpture and Architecture after Ilya Repin. Author of 20 books and 600 articles. Former editor-in-chief for several design magazines. Organizer of 500 design events in Russia and abroad. President of Golden Bee Moscow Global Biennale of Graphic Design. Vice-President of Academy of Graphic Design. Head of chair & Professor of RANEPA Design School. Guest speaker for universities and international design events in Australia, Belarus, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Georgia, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, UK, Ukraine, USA. Awards include Golden Badge of Honour for Public Recognition, Honorary Diploma of the U.N. Council for Public Awards, Rodchenko Award, etc. Member of AGI (Alliance Graphigue Internationale), Moscow Union of Artists, Union of Designers of Russia, Union of Designers of Ukraine (honorary member), Brno Biennale Association (honorary member), International Poster Design Council, others. Welcome Serge to the International Panel of Jurors

Edi Berg

International Jury

Born on 1954 in Slovenia. Studied architecture at The Faculty of Architecture University of Ljubljana and graduated in 1980. As educated architect I am working as art director and graphic design professional with 40+ years of experience focusing on logos and symbols, corporate design, annual reports, brochures, books, posters, post stamps, coins, brand design, wine labels, packaging and other projects of visual communications. His works have been published in more than 190 books and professional journals : Graphis, Rockport, PIE Books, Art Direcotor’s Club New York, Kashiwashobo, Print, Graphic-sha, Art Direction Book Company, HarperCollins Pbl., Novum, Index Book, Zeixs, Counter–Print, Indigo Design Awards and others. His work has been exhibited in many cities around the world among them: New York, Tokio, London, Paris, Warszaw, Richmond, Brno, Mons, Toyama, Mexico City, Wiesbaden, Trnava, Moscow, Colorado, Berlin, Harkov, Nanjing, Lublin, Detroit, Auschwitz, Budapest, Görele, Karlskoga, Haapsalu, Seul, Lima, Milano, Italija, Burdur. In the year 1993 award of the “Prešeren fund of Slovenia”, highest national recognition for work in visual comunications. More than 1200 awards and recognitions worldwide, among them: Golden Idea Portorož (SLO), Yugoslov Oscar for packaging, Gold Medal Award Creativity 30 (USA), Gold Award Graphis Logo Design (USA), 1st Prize Bollicine a Marostica (I), twice 1st Place and once 2nd Place Best in the World, Gourmand World Cookbook Awards (E), six times Silver Award, Graphis Logo Design (USA), 2nd Prize for Best Yugoslav calendar, 3rd Place COW International Design Festival Ukrain, twice Silver Winner and four times Bronze Winner Indigo Design Awards (NL), three times Bronze Award and two times Merit Award Hiiibrand (China) , among others Welcome Edi to the International Panel of Jurors

Leslie Cober

International Jury

An award-winning artist known for her uplifting and unique concepts and design, Leslie Cober’s endeavors include an accomplished art career, designer, curator, and educator. Leslie mentor’s undergraduates as a Professor at The Fashion Institute of Technology New York City and Graduate MFA Illustration students as a Professor at Western Connecticut State University. Leslie has been Curator and Chair of The Member’s exhibit at The Museum of Illustration Society of Illustrators NYC annually for ten consecutive years, is often a guest speaker to art and design students at universities and art schools throughout the globe. Leslie serves on the Executive Board of the Society of Illustrators NYC, The Executive Board of FTC The Warehouse/Stage One Music Venue CT, the NYCLandmark50Alliance NYC, The New Britain Museum of American Art New Britain, CT Sanford B Low Illustration Collection Committee, various smaller committees This clearly displays Leslie’s devotion to the creative visual arts community through collaboration, socialization, and empowerment. Born in NYC by a young age, Leslie discovered her creative passion, pursuing her dream of becoming an artist and designer. At 15 she completed her first assignment for the New York Times Op Ed page. While attending Syracuse University on merit scholarship, Leslie simultaneously worked on professional assignments while completing her undergraduate degree. After graduating from Syracuse University School of Visual and Performing Art, she continued to create professionally for many of the most prestigious magazines, newspapers, corporations, and agencies in the world. In 2011 she was awarded an MFA degree in Illustration on academic scholarship from the University of Hartford. Leslie has won numerous awards, including The Society of Publication Designers, Print’s Regional Design Annual, Vision Awards Annual Report Competitions, and Graphic Design USA. Her well recognized Strathmore Bristol paper cover art has recently been acquired by the permanent collection of the New Britain Museum of American Art. Leslie is currently working on a children’s book with author Elizabeth Banach, which will go to print Winter 2023. Welcome Leslie to the International Panel of Jurors View More:

Leo Lin

International Jury

Leo Lin is a graphic designer, educator and curator. He is currently a professor of the Design Department at NTNU (National Taiwan Normal University). His past positions include Dean of College of Arts, Head of Department of Design at NTNU, and President of Taiwan Poster Design Association. In 2016, he was named an honorary member of Brno Biennale Association. He is also a professional competition judge domestically and internationally, he as the Art Director has developed many visual identities and branding systems including The World Games 2009, The 21st Summer Deaflympics, Macau East Asian Games Dome 2005, Citizens Sports Games, FTV, Chunghwa Telecom, iSee Taiwan Foundation, The Prosperity For People Group (PFPG), IRICO Group Corporation, Sinopec Lubricant Company, and etc. His posters had won and gotten selected into the international poster biennales or triennials in Warsaw, Lahti, Mexico, Toyama, Moscow, Chaumont, Brno, Ukraine, Chicago, Trnava, Tehran, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong… etc He is interested in the exploration of visual graphic experiments and focuses on the social and cultural exploration of design. Lin’s works has been widely recognized locally and worldwide by the Taiwan National Design Award, and numerous others leading design organizations and publications including: D&AD, New York ADC, New York Type Directors Club, Tokyo Type Directors Club, Communication Arts, Red Dot Design Award, and Graphis. Welcome Leo to the International Panel of Jurors

Parisa Tashakori

Parisa Tashakori is a visual artist and graphic designer from Tehran with individual characteristics. She has collaborated as a designer and art director with several international advertising agencies and cultural institutions and currently is a Teaching Assistant Professor at the College of Media, Communication, and Information (CMCI) in Boulder, Colorado. Her work is focused on the field of social, environmental, and cultural communication. The impression of a female designer is also strongly evident in most of her works. While working on a project, Parisa has a very individual method of her own. A style likely to be considered ordinary to other designers seems to have distinguished her from her contemporaries that have extremely been subject to the torrent of new and temporary trends and personal temperament. What links her works together, is a call for peace and friendship alongside paying attention to humanity with a tender demeanor, and that indeed is exactly what the world today needs. Parisa’s work has been exhibited at hundreds of international exhibitions in various countries and she has received many awards in the international community of design. Undoubtedly her presence on the international graphic design scene has been encouraging and inspiring for many female designers in Iran and globally. Parisa has also served as a lecturer and member of the jury for significant international competitions and festivals like the 4thBlock in Ukraine, the Bolivia Poster Biennial in La Paz, the Lahti Poster Triennial in Finland, the MUT ZUR WUT competition in Germany, the Poster Biennial in Mexico, the PosterforTomorrow in Paris. Welcome Parisa to the International Panel of Jurors View More: