Peru Biennial


Peru: Epicenter of the artistic industry in the region

Being recognized at Biennial is synonymous with visibility and impact in the  industry, it is an opportunity to position or consolidate itself as a benchmark in the industry and be part of one of the biggest exhibitions in the world. Prominent international organizations, companies in the sector in their various fields of action and professionals from different countries around the world have been part of the Biennial of Peru

Peru Biennial

Main Exhibition

The biggest exhibition in America covers diverse disciplines of arts and design. Only selected projects are part of the International Design Biennial of Peru. Projects should be an example of good practice, creativity, innovation, social and cultural contribution.

Plastic Arts

Painting, Sculpture, Illustration.


Identity Design,  Packaging Design,  Typographic Design, Product Design, Service Design,  UX/UI Design, Social Design, Interior Design, Industrial Design, Textile Design, Fashion Design,  Poster Design and Illustration. 

Performing arts

Dance, Theater.

Peru Biennial

Art | Design

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