Peru Biennial


Peru Biennial

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Peru Biennial

The Peru Biennial is an organization created to promote the artistic, creative and cultural industry in the region. It is the first of its kind in the Americas and is held in Peru, the country of the Incas, one of the most famous cultures in the world. During the Biennial of Peru are held exhibitions, awards, presentations, fashion shows, conferences, etc., a whole series of activities that make the country the epicenter of artistic, creative and cultural development of America.

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Peru is one of the countries with one of the most famous cultures in the world, rich in heritage: The inclusive spirit of the Biennial involves companies, communities, associations and institutions from all over the world. Visit the Biennial and live fascinating experiences with various agents and personalities of the sector.  .  


Contribute to the growth of the creative, artistic and cultural industries of the country and the hemisphere.

Achieve the valuation of the artistic, creative and cultural industry

Promote the exchange of information, points of view and research among institutions, companies, professionals and future industry professionals

Promote the artistic, creative and cultural industry. We fully identify with the profession, with sacrifice, competence and responsibility. 


Peru, Latin America

Peru Biennial- Bicentennial Seal

During 2021, the Peru Design Biennial obtains the “Bicentennial Seal”. The Bicentennial project was founded by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers during 2018 and since 2020 it depends on the Ministry of Culture.
The Biennial of Peru identifies, presents, exhibits and recognizes the most relevant works of the sector.  Works with great creative, artistic, social and cultural contribution.

Industry Reference

Being recognized at the Biennial is synonymous with visibility and impact in the industry; it is an opportunity to position or consolidate oneself as a benchmark in the sector and be part of one of the largest exhibitions in the world. It is also the ideal scenario to discover trends, new talents and disruptive ideas in the industry.

Prominent international organizations, companies in the sector in their various fields of action and professionals from different countries around the world have been part of the Biennial of Peru and are part of our historical record: Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Venezuela, Brazil, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico, Honduras, United States, Spain, Germany, France, England, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Belarus, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Turkey, Poland, Macedonia Iran, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Ukraine, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, India, Indonesia, ,Malaysia, among others.

Peru Biennial

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