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International Call


International Call- Packaging

The Peru Biennial, a pioneer in the design sector in America, officially announce international call in the category of  Packaging Design . The call is open to companies, professionals and future professionals in the design sector with unpublished and / or published projects.

“General” or “Specific”Packaging Design projects participate, published or unpublished. The call is open for companies, professionals and future professionals in the  sector.

General Considerations

a). International and national projects participate.

b). The organization declines all responsability for the authenticity of the Works to the participates.

c). The participates authorize the organization to publicly communicate the images of the Works respecting at all times the right of the autor, in order to maximize its diffusion in different media and communication platforms that the organizers consider convenient.

d). The jury will choose among all the projects presented, “selected projects”, the same ones that will be publicly recognized and will be part of the exhibition of the Peru Design Biennial. From the group of selected projects the jury chooses “finalist projects” as long as it considers that the pieces merit it. The finalist projects enter the final straight to choose the winning project in the category of Packaging.

e). Selected projects, finalist projects and awarded projects are part of the exhibition

f). The jury will be made up of national and international professionals with recognized professional experience in the design sector, members of the organizing committee, directing committees of the Biennial and the executive committees of the Peru Design Biennial

g). No member of the jury must have participated directly or indirectly in the works that will be participants in the event. The verdict of the jury is unappealable, the jury is committed not to reveal the result before the dates stipulated by the organization.

h) The selected projects, finalists and winners will be certified, officially recognized by the Organizing Committee and will be part of the 2022 exhibition of the Design Biennial of Peru, as an example of good practice in the design sector.

i). The Jury will take into account in his evaluation of the works the following criteria: Conceptualization, Creativity, Innovation, Aesthetics and Functionality, taking into account a scale of scores from 1 to 10.

j) Any objection provided or that is not in the bases , it will be resolved by the directive of the biennial in a final and unappealable form.

All right reserved – Peru Design Biennial


Deadline: July 31 , 2024
Selected Projects: August 20, 2024
Finalist Projects: August 30, 2024
Awarded Projects: September 10, 2024
Opening November 15, 2024
Exhibition: November 15-  November 28, 2024


To participate it will be necessary that the information to SEND meets two requirements, which we describe below:

A) A)  Project Description in a PDF or Word file considering : Name of the company or institution or author and a brief description of the project.

B) Images of the project. Images should be compressed in zip or rar format. Maximum weight 8MB. Minimum size of each image: 1000px. height x width. 

The information described above must be submitted through the “Submission Form” at the end of the reading. If, in a certain project, more than one person participated, this must be consolidated in the “Project Information” to be sent.

Submission Form- Packaging

 Enter an “active and main” email  for the necessary communications and coordination(Very Important). You will receive a confirmation email within a maximum period of 36 hours. Check your “main email” and also the “junk mailbox” (Very Important). We recommend adding the email to your address book: 

Please verify that the extension of the “files” to be sent complies with the requirements of the “Submission Form”. If the images to send exceed 8 MB, you can use the file transfer tools: Wetransfer, Google Drive or “similar” to send your project  and notify the email:

    Telephone (*)

    Project Descriptions: doc,docx,pdf (*)

    Project Images: zip,rar (*)

    (*)Campos Obligatorios